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Frequently Asked Questions

I can no longer attend the trip/event. Can I have a refund?

The club operates a no refund policy as most of the costs are paid upfront and do not change if you withdraw. Your payments do not only pay for your tickets (that are most often non-refundable) but are also used to cover the fixed costs, such as host expenses and administration of the trip, as well as the specific bookings with our suppliers.

How can I pay the remainder of my payment for the trip?

It is very simple. All you need to do is go to our website:, choose the trip in question and choose the reminder from the list and make the payment.

I have signed up for the trip,

can I buy flights?

Please speak to the admin team first - they need to double check that the tour has been confirmed and your place has been secured with the supplier.

Can I still take the group transfer if I buy another flight if it lands at the same time?

You can, however only if you meet the group at the meeting point at the meeting time.

Can I still take the group transfer if I buy another flight if it lands at the same time?

If your flight time is changed or your flight is delayed, you will have to arrange your own transfers and find the group wherever they are at the time according to the plan. Please see the question above for more information.

What will happen with my payment

if the trip is canceled by CKAC?

If we cancel the trip we will process a full refund of your payment to us.

Can I get a discount?

Yes! We have discounts readily available for our members. You can find out about our membership scheme here.

Can I meet you at the hike starting point?

Yes, you can, however, the price remains the same as we sell our trips/hikes/events as a package. Also, we can not take responsibility for any train delays or changes, so you will have to keep an eye on the train times, and you may need to wait for the group longer. Please make sure you greet the group at the platform as they arrive as they will not be able to wait or look for you if you are not there. We simply can not have 30 people waiting for one person.

Do you have ATOL/ABTA protection?

No, we do not include flights, so we are not registered with ATOL/ABTA.  

Can I get a single room?

On most of the trips, we have a limited number of single room supplements available. Please email to check the availability. There is normally a supplement to pay.

How can I pay for the single room supplement?

As the availability is limited, we want to make sure you talk to the admin team first and ensure they can secure a single/double room for you before you pay for it, you need to email them first, and once they confirm your reservation you need to make the payment into our bank account directly.  

Are the flights included?

No, we never include flights, you will have to buy them separately. We let you know which flights are recommended. So please make sure you get those to meet the group at the right time and place and take advantage of the group transfers.

Do I have to get the recommended flights?

to use our group transfers, but we will not be able to refund this portion of your fee, and you will have to noThe short answer is no, you do not have to. However, we only provide airport transfers for the recommended flights. So, of course, you can choose organise your own transfers and pay extra for them.


Additionally, you will have the added responsibility of finding the group as the host will have to keep going with the plan and will not be able to make the group wait for you at any point. So you will need to organise your arrival and check-in at the hotel/hostel and find the group wherever they are at the time, according to the plan of the trip. The plan is being updated until the midday before the MIDI and MAXI events, to best suit the needs of the group so it may end up being costly and inconvenient for you if you decide to get other flights. As long as you are aware of those risks and fully accept them, of course, you can get the flights you choose. Please also read the notes on late arrivals below.


Late arrivals: Please note that if you arrive after regular working hours (10am-6pm), you will not be able to get support from the host at check-in. We do not have anyone working a night shift, and the hosts are off duty after 6 pm (unless there is a particular event in the plan of the trip they have to attend). They are helpful wherever possible, but they may not be around at the time.


No arrivals are accepted after 10 pm!

Unless you have a single room and arrange your late arrival with the accommodation directly, if you arrive after 10 pm you will have to arrange your accommodation separately and join the group next morning. Such late arrivals can not be assisted and would disturb other participants.

When will I get the itinerary for my trip?

We send you the link to the google doc with the itinerary within a week of you signing up. If for some reason you do not receive it, please email at least three days before the event. Sometimes technical issues happen.


are living documents that get updated as we receive the information from suppliers and as the trip approaches plans may have to change. Do not print out too early though as it will not be final until noon on the day before MIDI and MAXI events and the midday on the day of the event for MINI events. Please make sure you keep an eye on it and check it and print it after it’s thosePlease note that finalised to ensure there are no changes.

Do you cater for vegans and gluten free diet?

Wherever possible we do, but please email the admin team on to check for the particular trip/event. It may not always be an option as it depends on our suppliers and availability of products (where we supply breakfast) and often when abroad there simply are no such options.  

What are your bank details? I would like to pay into the bank account directly to avoid the PayPal or card fees.

It's HSBC bank and the name on the account is Kat's Adventures Limited.

Account number: 41764527

Sort code: 40-09-25


Please make sure that you put your name (spelled in the same way as you entered it when you signed up for the trip) and the trip you are paying for in the reference box as otherwise, we will not be able to match it up to your records.


If you have not paid the deposit yet via our website, and you need us to change your RSVP manually, please email us on to let us know that you have made a payment - otherwise we won’t know, and we will not be able to reserve your place.


For international payments: SWIFT and IBAN information




Can I talk to Kat?

While Kat created the company and often hosts the events, she is not available for administrative queries as she works at XpertSM during the week. CKAC has a full-time admin team ready to assist you with any issues you may have, managed by Sylwia. All our staff members are very helpful and will be able to help you with your questions. So unless you want to talk about outsourcing your small businesses Social Media management, Sylwia will be a person to help you.

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